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Apple Beer Release Party at the Root Note Café. The Turtle Stack Brewery in LaCrosse is having a release party for its new Turtle Stack Graff at the Root Note Café this coming Tuesday November 24th starting at 6:00. In addition to the Graff on tap there will be Hoch Orchard’s new Sweet Apricot Cider, and our Wyndfall dry Root River Raspberry. All three beverages start with Hoch Orchard organic apple cider. Brent from Turtle Stack will be introducing his new beer, Rob will be there to answer questions about Wyndfall Artisan Cyders and Harry will talk about the apples and apricots. It should be a fun and interesting evening along with some good drinks.


The Turtle Stack Graff is a beer fermented with fresh apple cider. Caramel malts and roasted barley in the base beer provide a subtle yet complex malt backbone to compliment the fresh, perhaps gently baked, apple character.

Our Apricot Cider starts with a blend of several apple varieties to create a rich tart cider. We then add some of our estate produced organic Apricot juice. We finish it with organic cane sugar to soften the tartness of our northern grown apricots. This is a semi-sweet cider with a burst of apricot flavor.

Root River Raspberry. This is one of our Wyndfall Brand hard ciders. Root River is a blend of several apple varieties to create a balanced dry cider. We then add some of our estate raspberry juice and ferment it a second time. A little bit of organic cane sugar is added to counter the sharpness of the raspberries. This is a dry crisp New England style apple cider with a light raspberry finish.


We started a new CSA this year with a fall share. The second box went out this weekend. We are in the planning stage of a winter share that would start in January. This CSA will go far beyond the typical squash, carrot, and cabbage winter share. We will have some storage vegetables including: carrots, onions, storage radish, and squash. But we will be featuring our processed fruit products. Every box will have a jug of either fresh pressed or frozen sweet cider, a bag of storage apples, a jar of apple sauce or one of our apple/fruit blends, and a jar of jelly. We will also occasionally send a bottle of culinary vinegar, garlic, or one of our new condiments like horseradish apple sauce. Send us an email if you are interested in this new winter fruit/vegetable share and we will send you more information as we put this program together.


How about a Hard Cider Share? Would you like to get a new hard cider or fruit wine with each CSA box? We have several new ciders available now and more to come in the upcoming months. If you are interested send us an email and we will let you know when we have this put together.


Hoch Orchard Hard Ciders are on Tap now at the Bodega Brew Pub and the Root Note Café in Downtown LaCrosse.

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