Jackie and Harry are strong advocates for organics. We want to promote organic agriculture and spread information about organic fruit production. We are happy to take a phone call or answer a few emails concerning organic fruit production or farm business management.

While we are not in the consulting business we often get requests for consultation and will provide our service if we can fit it around our full time jobs of managing Hoch Orchard and Gardens Inc. Our limited free time is very valuable to us, and we cannot come close to consulting with everyone who would like information on organic fruit production.

Private Consulting

If we are not in peak harvest of one of our many crops, we can occasionally fit in consultation work if it is scheduled well in advance. We can help with orchard design, business planning, pest management, processing, or other general orchard concerns. We will charge $50.00 per hour to visit your farm or meet for a consultation. Travel charge will be an additional $.75 per mile.

If you want to visit our farm for a tour and consultation please call and we can negotiate a flat fee for the visit.

If you have general questions about organic fruit production please visit the Organic Tree Fruit Association website. There is a library of information and research that is available there for free.

Educational Tours

We are strong advocates of organic agriculture and are happy to give tours to industry groups, university classes, cooperatives, or other groups interested in our production system. Please call or email if you would like to schedule a tour.

Sorry but we are not set up at this time to give elementary school tours. We will consider giving a tour to a high school science, environmental studies, or agricultural class depending on the time of year. Please call to inquire.

Farm Visits

Hoch Orchard and Gardens Inc. is a wholesale orchard and fruit processing facility. We do not have a retail store on our farm and we are not set up to offer tours to the general public.

Please do NOT stop in without an appointment. We are running an intensive food production business that is spread over many acres. We have several employees and interns on the farm during the growing season and cannot just walk away from our farm responsibilities when we get an unscheduled visitor. Our farm is surrounded by a ten foot tall deer exclusion fence. We have a long driveway with gate that is not in full view from the farmstead. We often keep the front gate closed. Deer will walk along the fence for miles and walk right in the open gate! We would hate for you to drive to our farm only to look at our big closed gate.

Please call before visiting.