We strive to produce high quality fruit with minimal impact on our environment. We combine some the oldest, safest organic practices with state-of-the-art Integrated Pest Management systems to bring you the best local organic products that we can grow.

Our entire farm is certified organic and all the products we produce on our farm are certified organic except the Honey. We cannot guarantee that the bees won’t fly to nonorganic land so we cannot certify the honey. Why would they? We can’t think of reason they would leave our lush diversified fruit plantings to go to the neighboring fields of corn and beans.

We practice Integrated Pest Management by monitoring pest population levels. This allows us to dramatically reduce the amount of organic pesticides we use. While there many organic sprays that are allowed by the National Organic Program standards, we still try to use them as minimally as possible. We want to produce the best apples possible while being environmentally friendly and economically feasible.

Below are a couple of articles that describe in great detail some of the practices we use to reduce insect damage and disease.

Codling Moth Control 5-5-11 (PDF)

Post Infection Control of Apple Scab 2009 (PDF)

A Quick Trip to the Rodale Institute to Study Compost Tea (PDF)