Hard Cider bottling, Meat and Plant Sale April 27th

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We will be opening the gate on Saturday April 27th (the day after Arbor Day) from 11am to 5pm for retail sales. We will be selling some raspberry and strawberry plants (bare root). We will have to wait until May to sell the bedding plants and apple trees. We also have frozen chicken, duck, and goose. We processed a few hogs last week so we have a good selection of pork now. We have some chops and roasts and a good supply of sausage available. If you have not yet tried our wild rice bratwurst you are in for a real treat. We also had batch of breakfast links made. For full disclosure I have to mention that our organic hogs were not processed organically. The spices and rice in the sausage were provided by the processor and are not certified organic. Our pork will not have the organic logo on the label.
We have quite a selection of hard cider that we fermented this winter. We made quite a few varietals and some apple fruit blends. Everything is in small glass carboys and is ready to be bottled. We are inviting you to observe or participate in the bottling process. We will be bottling our homemade hard cider for most of the day, so feel free to stop by and see how we do it. We are in the process of applying for a farm winery license but we have not gotten yet. We will NOT be selling any hard cider, but that doesn’t mean you can’t taste it. We will be giving samples of each type of cider as we bottle it during the day.
Hard Cider Tasting
We will have a free formal cider tasting. We will bottle cider during the day and from 3:00 to 5:00 we will pour samples of each of the ciders. Nick will lead a discussion of how each batch was made and point out the character and flaws in each. We are in the testing phase of fermenting our ciders. Some may be tasty and some will be classic failures. The event should be fun and an opportunity to learn a little about this ancient craft.
Hope you can find the time in this snowy spring to visit the farm!