We make our applesauce right on the farm in our state certified commercial kitchen. The fruit in our sauce blends is homegrown in our gardens. We freeze our excess fruit through out the growing season. After the apples are harvested, we blend the summer fruit with our fresh applesauce, just like Grandma Hoch used to do. The sauce is hot-packed into jars, but is not heated again as it would be in the canning process. This preserves the fresh (right from the kettle) homemade applesauce flavor.

Our sauce is not double cooked and there are no preservatives added. Typical canned apple sauce is cooked for the milling process and then super heated again in the canning process. This super hot second heating kills yeast and mold spores and gives the sauce a long shelf life, but also breaks down some of those wonder flavor components in our organic berries. We heat our sauce over 180F just before it goes into the jars. This will kill pathogens and make the sauce safe and healthy but it does not kill all the dormant mold spores and preserves the fresh fruit flavors.

Our sauce will keep several months if you put it in the refrigerator when take it home. Once you open it you should use it within a day or two. If you keep a jar past its use by date make sure there are not any spots of mold in the jar. If the lid bulges up or if air rushes out when you open it, it most likely started fermenting. With either mold or fermentation you should dump the sauce in the compost and wash out the jar. You can either recycle our jars or reuse for home canning.