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We will be pressing fresh apple juice on Saturday Nov 7th. For those of you who like fresh squeezed apple juice, we will have it available fresh off the press. You will be able to fill your containers with fresh unpasteurized cider. Bring your own jugs to fill for $8.00/ gallon or $10.00/gallon for some specialty varieties like Golden Russet. We will have a blend of fall apples and some juice by variety. We will have empty gallon jugs available for $1.00. If you want to make varietal hard ciders, bring some pails or jugs with covers. We plan on having Haralson, Honeygold, Regent, Fireside, Golden Russet, and more. Come and try some fresh apple juice to select the juice you want for making your own hard cider or just get some cider to freeze and enjoy all winter.

The press will be running until about 1pm. We will have a fresh juice tasting at 2pm and Hard Cider tasting at 3pm.
You will have the opportunity taste tart, sweet, and aromatic ciders and compare them side by side.

We will have apples, jellies, sauces, vinegars and cider for sale. We will have pork sandwiches, sides and snacks available for sale.

Plan to make it a day with activities like orchard tours, cider facility tours, cider apple variety tasting and fresh juice tasting.

Hope to see you at this end of the season event!

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