We were granted our farm winery license in 2014. We were experimenting with all kinds of fun fruit combinations for more than a decade before getting our license. Hopefully the big mistakes and funky flavors are behind us. But that doesn’t mean we are done experimenting! We don’t have a lot of volume on the farm winery but we do have a lot of different stuff to try. I am sure we go way beyond some peoples flavor profiles. What we make is far from conventional and doesn’t fit into any category, unless you consider ‘farmhouse cider’ a category. The best way to define our ciders and wines is this; unfiltered, minimally manipulated, dry to semi-sweet, made with all organic ingredients, all estate, and a little over-the-top. If it grows on our farm we will attempt of ferment it sooner or later.

Our Wines

According to the feds, fermented fruit juices containing more than 7% alcohol are wines. Our wine grapes produce plenty of sugar to make wine above 7% alcohol. We produce table wines that fall between 7 and 15% alcohol by volume (abv). Most of our apple varieties do not produce enough sugar to go over 7% abv. So our apple products are ciders unless we add sugar to increase fermentation. Sometimes we will add sugar to a non-grape juice blend and ferment it into a wine.

Barrel Aged Red

Light Red Wine


Oaked Apple Red

Oaked Apple White