Accounting and Payroll

This intern position will provide the opportunity to follow the cash flow of the farm. The intern will learn how to use the Peach Tree Small Business Program. Much of the time will be in data entry but the intern will have opportunity to learn many aspects of the program including exporting data into Microsoft Excel and creating sales reports. The intern will also work with inventory, invoicing, payroll/timesheets.

Work and Responsibilities

Up to 20% of the intern’s hours will be spent on accounting. The majority of the intern’s work will be on other farm related duties outlined in the General Farm Intern description. The intern in this position will be responsible for product inventory and creating invoices. The intern will also enter timesheet records and compile the hours to be sent to a payroll accounting service. There will be an opportunity to visit this service company and learn how the farm payroll and tax accounting is done. Other miscellaneous data entry and report creation will be done with harvest logs and work logs.


A degree or formal training in Agricultural Economics is preferred. Understanding of Windows based computer programs and a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required. This is a good opportunity for an international student in need of a professional experience in the field of Ag Econ. This is also a great opportunity for an individual planning to start his or her own agricultural business. Our books are open. We expect this intern to view the full cash flow of our farm. This can be a great opportunity to see just how much money is made or lost on an actual working farm.