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It’s Pollinator Day at Hoch Orchard and Gardens

Saturday August 24th from 10:00 to 3:00

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Thinking about getting into Honey Production or just interested in pollinators and how to encourage them? Don’t miss Pollinator Day at Hochs. A full day hands-on workshop.

Dr Bruno Borsari of Winona State will give an overview of bee hive set up. He will tear down an empty hive and discuss the components. You will see both the standard Langstroth hive and topbar. Small scale extraction, filtering, and bottling equipment will also be displayed and discussed. Dr Borsari will have hats and veils so everyone can suit up and look at an open hive. We will also bring in some comb and extract honey.

Dr Karl Foord U of Mn Horticulture extension educator will discuss his research project on pollinators in fruit production. You will learn to identify wild pollinators native to our region. Dr Foord will lead a walk through the pollinator plot. There he will point out native plants that provide habitat for pollinators and identify wild pollinators in the plot.

Harry Hoch of Hoch Orchard and Gardens will discuss the role of wild pollinators and honey bees on the farm. He will also discuss the research project on Pollinator Conservation that he is participating in. Hoch Orchard and Gardens is working with The UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) to test a wild flower plot designed by the Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

$20.00 in advance for the class, $25.00 day of event.

$10.00 local lunch with products from the farm, $15.00 day of event.

Email us with the number attending. [email protected]

Tentative Workshop Schedule

9:30 registration

9:45 introduction

10:00 Dr Borsari – Honeybee history and facts

10:30 look at empty hives and extraction equipment

11:00 suit up and walk to hives, open and view, bring in honey filled frames.

12:00 lunch

12:30 Harry Hoch – Pollinators on the farm and Xerces Society Project

1:00 Dr Foord – will share data from his pollinator research project

1:30 Establishing habitat for pollinators and bees

2:00 Walk to pollinator plot look at wild flowers, ID plants that were seeded by Xerces. Identify wild pollinators working in the plot

3:00 Ice cream with honey