We raise ducks and run them with the weeder geese through the berry beds. The ducks are confined with the use of energized poultry netting. This is a movable fence with fiberglass stakes built in. We just pull up the stakes and move the fencing where we need.

We use a portable shelter to move the ducks around the farm. The geese eat the weeds in the berry beds and the ducks eat some of the pests. They especially like slugs. Slugs can damage a lot of strawberries so we like to put the ducks in the berry beds after harvest and reduce the overall slug population. We don’t put the ducks in the berry beds when the fruit is forming. Their job starts after harvest.

Our ducks get most of their nutrition from weeds, bugs, and pasture. Their diet is supplemented with organic grain from Cashton Farm Supply. The birds are certified organic and live happy lives outside. They get a diverse diet, fresh air, and plenty of exercise. The meat is of exceptional quality. If you like to serve duck for special occasions try one of our organic feathered farm workers. They had a happy productive life on the farm and they have fantastic tasting healthy meat.

We butcher ducks in the fall at a USDA certified local processor. Our meats are legal for both wholesale and restaurant sales. We have only one duck processing date per year. Individuals can order ducks in advance and pick them up at the farm during one of our designated sales days.