Unique CSA Options

//Unique CSA Options
Unique CSA Options

“Pick your own fruit” CSA Share

4 Fruits – June through Sept  $160

  • June – Strawberries- 12 pints
  • July- Raspberries- 6 pints
  • Aug- Tomatoes- 20 pounds
  • Sept- Apples- 20 pounds

We will also offer a Stand Alone Cider CSA and a Hard cider CSA addon

Full Cider Share

10 weeks with multiple styles of hard cider to taste. You are the first to try our new releases.

 Each box will have:

One 48 ounce bottle of frozen Hoch Orchard sweet cider. Great straight or in cocktails. You will also get at least 2 bottles of hard cider or fruit wine containing a combination of the following: 12 ounce of Hoch Orchard Fruit Cider, or 750 mls of Hoch Wine, or 22 ounces of Wyndfall dry traditional Cider, or 325 mls of the coveted Hoch Orchard Ice Cider.

Ten weeks of good drinken for $250

Hard Cider Sampler Add on

At least one bottle of hard cider or fruit wine added to your Spring CSA box. $100